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Lifestyle Solutions

“Preetikaya Lifestyle” are simple strategies to maintain “youth” both beauty and vigour in the challenging Lifescapes of advancing technology

The fast developments in technology have been challenging our cultural traditions time and again.  Especially the last 4 months, has seen a significant shift in social values when “keeping in touch” means digitally only, and yet has become even more important than the friendly gettos we once had. The disappearance of the actual meeting experience, has enhanced the virtual gettos making technology development more and more central to our existence. 

Understandably, this is going to need some modifications in how we treat our bodies or self to ensure a beauty –vigour-happiness

Lifestyle – is an amalgamation of Diet, Exercise, and Stress Management.  The modern technology changes have changed the stressors from basic availability of food / shelter / social relationships either magnified them beyond imagination, or completely pulled out the stress, causing slower growth or improvements, and thereby cyclically causing stress.

A Calm Mind, Happy Heart means better soldiers in your body.

A meditation session included in daily routine in such situations can go a long way in ensuring the mind remains active, and happy.  During these difficult days either with natural calamities like the storms and floods or the questionably natural Covid 19 Pandemic, the inactivity and restrictions of lockdown has thrust upon all, a life that was probably never so ‘imprisoned’. Meditation in any form can help keep the mind calm and the heart happy and focussed on a brighter future instead of wallowing in the difficulties to overcome.  A calm mind and happy heart have been shown to keep up the immune system ensuring you are better disposed to overcoming the calamities. Use this time to discover mind training exercises. These are a number of good apps available to help train your mind, into better meditation or better concentration.  Meditation that calms the mind is shown to improve immunity levels.

Exercise – The lockdown has forced inactivity upon us all.  However, long periods of inactive lifestyle have an impact on the moods, the mind as well as on the body.  Innovative ideas to change the way we looked at work, can include ensuring you have a fixed seat / place for work in the house.  Ensuring you stick at it throughout the time usually spent in office, and yet get up for stretches – much like you would do in the office setting. A little discipline can go a long way. Since now your work goes with you everywhere in your pocket, ensure you follow your rule to peer into your phone for work only when you are in the scheduled spot.  This will help avoid the lying/ lounging couch potato position for work, and force you to at least sit/stand erect for the major part of the day.  With life being within four walls for 24 hours a day, even this little bit counts for a lot. You might just be pleasantly surprised – that the particular spot helps you concentrate better and block out the homely commotion around you.  Furthermore, it relieves some of that boredom that sets in when you move cyclically from sofa to lounge chair to bed.  Not to mention it would also avoid the body ache of “weird positions”  Regular intermittent stretches added to a daily work-out helps to keep the body fit and the immune cells fighting.

Diet: With the significant restrictions on exercise, diet obviously assumes a higher importance.  What you eat determines your weight gain, your gut health as well as your immunity. Simple tips for a healthier diet

  • Eat the right foods at the right time
  • The more colourful your plate the more anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals you will get
  • Go back to the grandma customs of drinking water stored in copper vessels. Copper ensures you keep your immunity up, and the microbial load in the water down. Try a copper bottle for every person in the house, that way you are also sure you drink up your quota every day
  • Be conscious of how much carbs or sugar you consume. Larger quantity of carbs, or direct added sugars to food, get absorbed much faster than the body can manage.  This leads to spikes in blood sugar levels. Spikes have been shown to have a detrimental effect on many end organs, but worse still, sugar spikes hamper your immune system. Cutting down on sugar ensures you can get sweet taste elsewhere. In fact since the activity levels are on an all time low, try to fill at least half your plate with fibrous foods like salads 1/4th plate with protein rich foods like beans, lentils, meat, dairy, and about 1/4th only with all grains sugar and potato based food items. It would make sense to change your regular plates in the house to specific 9 inch plates. Ensure you don’t heap the plate, if you do need a second helping, try to keep the ratios of fibre protein and carbs same

Sugar and its addition to food has been an increasingly popular trend over centuries.  The delicious taste coupled with instant energy has made sugar equivalent to “happiness” or “celebration” On the other hand, the increasing usage of sugar began showing the toxic effects of the overdoses we began to use.  An awareness about the bad effects of over-dosing sugar has spread over the last few decades, leading to many people being morbidly afraid of eating sugar. Though this certainly is uncalled for, it is important that we keep aware of our levels of consumption of sugar.

Sugar and immunity : Science has proven that sugar spikes (sudden rise in blood sugar levels) are the primary cause of most of the damage that sugar does.  It is like sugar puts the white blood cells or the warrior cells into a sort of temporary coma. Studies have shown spikes in sugar consumption can suppress your immune system. When your immune system is compromised, you are more likely to get sick. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are considered immunosuppressed due to the negative effects of elevated blood sugars on the immune system. ... Chronic hyperglycemia in diabetes patients can limit the activity of the immune system.  Thus you find diabetic patients are often more prone to infection and take longer to recover. 

Taking a learning from this knowledge, we can safely say, that consuming larger quantities like 5-10 grams or 1-2 teaspoons  of direct sugar at a time (like we use in tea/coffee/dairy etc can lead to quick absorption of sugar causing the sugar spikes.  While the body processes the sugar, the spiked levels of sugar continue to harm body cells including the immune system cells. Thus consuming sugar in smaller quantities or consuming complex carbohydrates can dull the sugar spikes helping maintain a healthy immune system.  

Many international regulatory bodies have worked out guidelines for sugar consumption.  Consuming a total of 10% calories from sugar is thought to be fine, yet, based on the added benefits of bone density, tooth decay etc, authorities recommend even 5% or lesser calories to be from added sugars.  In our Indian setting especially in the in-house prison that the Covid pandemic has put us into, we can consider a 1200-1600 calorie diet as good enough for an adult.  Which calculates to approx 15-24 gms of added sugar per day per adult.  In teaspoon terms this is about 4-6 teaspoons per day.  Take into consideration that almost half the added sugar we consume is not known to us, or is hidden in the processed foods we eat, it is really difficult for anyone to assess the amount of sugar he / she consumes based on what they added themselves to their food. Few simple tips to cut down on the sugar consumed would be

  • Switch to Kut sugar – the intensely sweet natural plant sugar that allows you to cut down on the amount needed to get your required sweetness
  • Check the labels Look for Kutsugar logo on the ready food packs you buy
  • If Kut sugar logo is not present, check the nutritional chart – sugar content of 5 gms per 100 gms of product can be called ‘low sugar’ where as anything with 15gms of sugar per 100 gms of product is ‘high sugar’
  • The FSSAI is working on a warning red label on foods that are high in sugar / salt or fat. Keep a watch out for a red band which indicates high sugar levels in the food

Kut sugar is a combination of natural plant sugars to intensify the sweetness of sugar – naturally.  Kut sugar can easily replace your ordinary sugar in all your recipes with minimal if at all modifications required in cooking process.  Kut sugar looks feels and works exactly like ordinary sugar in all temperatures and cooking conditions, just that you will voluntarily use it in a significantly lesser quantity.

With the festive season almost upon us, ensure you have tried your pack of Kut sugar, so you can proudly gift the very auspicious “SUGAR” to your loved ones, and be doubly happy that you gifted them with health along with sweetness.  Preetikaya strives to bring you products that mould smoothly into your modern lifestyle to give you improved youthful vigour and beauty. Buy Kut sugar today on  Dont forget to register for your free pack, and don’t forget to add the address where you would like the free pack to be delivered. Enjoy your favourite desserts with much lesser sugar, then feel generous and share the happiness and health with your near dear ones.


Kut sugar to spread health and happiness.

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